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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How can you eat together as a family

I remember when I was young we all eat together at breakfast, lunch and dinner. When we  are already in school we eat together at dinner time. And if it's weekend we all eat together as a family. My mom or my dad really have to wait for us to come home and if we can't there will be a consequences. Now a days seems like this tradition is getting primitive. Parents are too busy tinkering their own stuff even on weekends and they don't somehow set up the rules that dinner time should be with the family. Well here is some of the suggestions below:

  1. Schedule it.  Just like you schedule a dental appointment, you have to make time so that you can eat together as a family. Schedule it. You can plan your meals in advance and shop for groceries on weekends.
  2. Make if fun. Members of the family will look forward to eating together when you make the activity fun. Turn off the TV so you can talk to one another. Then make sure to keep the conversation light.
  3. Go out and play. Even a short time together can promote family bonding and help each of you reduce stress and keep healthy. Go out and have 15 minutes of fun scrimmage or light exercise
  4. Take a break. Instead of the family having a downtime by lounging on the couch to watch a TV show, try taking a break and dooing some stretches, tackling some household chores or going out for a walk. That will not only help burn off calories, will also give you time to talk to one another. 
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xinex said...

Great tips, Kim! Thought now that there are only 2 of us, it's easy to eat dinner as a family every single day...Christine

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It's really great to have a meal with the whole family but with the way things are with modern kids, they will eat when they want to eat. And mostly, it's before or after meals, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Diann said...

Good tips! I just wrote a post about families having dinner together. Everyone seems to go their seperate ways and I am trying to raise my little one with some values and things I grew up with.

Carolyn said...

thanks for the tips..I can share it to my friends here. Me and hubby always eat together. If we decided to eat in the living room, the two of us will be in the living room:-).Every saturday, we go out to different places for brunch but the rest of the day, we always eat together:-)

jannet said...

i really like your suggestions.. thanks! God Bless!

MommyJ said...

i really like your suggestions.. thanks! God Bless!

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