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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ten Foods that fight cancer

There are so many research out there about different foods that can fight cancer. And I think that we should know what are those food. Here are the 10 foods that fight cancer.

  1. Soybeans - Soybeans contain genistein, which may cut off the blood supply to cancer cells. It may be especially helpful for breast ad ovarian cancer as it can block certain estrogen receptors. Choices of foods include tofu, soy flour, and miso. Peanuts, mung beans and alfalfa sprouts contain lesser amounts of this chemical. Soybeans also contain other strong anti cancer compounds (protease inhibitors, saponins) that increase immune-system function. As for now our source of soy in our household is the soy milk. Hubby loves soy milk and I don't drink any milk at all but if I remember the best side of soy I drink it, lol.
  2. Chili Peppers - A chemical found in peppers, capsicin, may neutralize certain cancer-causing substances (nitrosamines) and help to prevent cancers such as stomach cancer. This one I am not into chili peppers. It's hot and sometimes I can't take the hotness it is. Some of my friends love to eat it but not me.
  3. Grapes - Grapes contain ellagic acid. This compound blocks enzymes that are necessary for cancer cells to grow, thus slowing the growth of tumors. Grapes also contain compounds that can prevent blood clots. Another substance in grape skins (resveratrol) prevents the deposit of cholesterol in arteries. Love grapes specially the green and the seedless.
  4. Citrus fruits - Citrus contains limonene, which stimulates cancer-killing immune cells (T- lymphocytes and others). They also break down cancer-causing substances. Oranges in particular have shown strong anticancer benefits. Some sixty anticancer chemicals are contained in citrus fruits. Limes and celery also fall into this category, though they are less potent. Love oranges or any kind of grapefruit. I remember my grandfather used to have two grapefruit trees and it's sweet!
  5. Garlic and onions - Both of these contain allium compounds (diallyl sulfides), which increase the activity of immune cells that fight cancer and indirectly help to break down cancer-causing substances. Chives also contain this chemical. Over thirty anticancer compounds are present in these substances. Not only can garlic prevent cancer, but it can directly fight cancer (ajoane chemicals) and can stimulate the body's defense mechanisms. Consider dried garlic extract (capsules), taking the equivalent of one clove daily. Eat onions frequently. As a Filipino I always put garlic and onions in almost dish that I cooked. We are used to that and I think with that it helps our body healthy. 
  6. Licorice root - A chemical, glycyrrhizin, blocks a component of testosterone and therefore may help to prevent the growth of prostate cancer. This is found in the root of licorice (not the candy form). Caution: Excessive amounts can lead to elevated blood pressure. I am not familiar with this one but I think this should be added to our budget for our health.
  7.  Tomatoes - Tomatoes contain lycopene, an anti-cancer substance that some researchers suggest may be stronger than beta carotene. Watermelons, carrots, and red peppers also contain this powerful substance. Vitamin C, an antioxidant that can prevent cellular damage leading to cancer, is also found in tomatoes. I love tomatoes and this year I vow myself to do a lot of canning.
  8.  Tea (not herbal tea) - Tea contains certain anitoxidants known as polyphenois (catechins), which prevent cancer cells from dividing. Green tea is best, followed by our more common black tea (herbal teas do not show this benefit). Drink two to three glasses daily. I love tea and it does help with the bowel movement. For me I believe that a beverage that has no preservative is really good.
  9.  Broccoli and cabbage - These cruciferous vegetables contain multiple cancer-fighting chemicals (indoles for example). Indoles can affect estrogen, converting it to a benign form that will not stimulate abnormal breast-cancer cells. Brussels sprouts and cauliflower also fall in this category. I so love this two vegies and I can cook this with shrimp, pork or beef.
  10.  Greens - The darker they are, the more the cancer fighting chemicals such as lutein, beta carotene, and carotenoids. Spinach and lettuce (dark romaine) are all good sources

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