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Friday, January 14, 2011

Online marketing

I remember when I was in college and that is in the early of the 80's when I set my eyes on a computer. I think I was already in my junior year when a subject of computer was added to the curriculum. Never in my wildest dream that computer and internet will go this big. After college I worked in this company and we had three computer but only two people could work on it lol! Now it's different. Every household has their own computer and of course an internet connection. 
When I started blogging five years ago I never had any intention that I make it a real thing not just a pass time. Then I realize that you can do everything and anything online. Just like Online Marketing who could imagine that there is such thing as online marketing. In this time and age this kind of marketing is what almost all the businesses are doing. I think it's because when you put an advertising or anything online it will be read or be search by everyone all over the world. 
The other day I was looking for a SEO services online. And so many searches came out. I read all the information and I learned that their service is affordable. And in this site that I found called discountclick. com they have ad server that will track everything and generate traffic. What a good deal huh? 

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