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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guacamole rocks!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Avocados from Mexico. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the fruit that I so wanted to eat everyday is Guacamole. In my native country we call it Avocado. My mom used to tell us to eat guacamole because she says one guacamole is equivalent to 4 glass of milk!! And I don't like milk so I eat guacamole! ^_^

The other day I was browsing my friends list in Facebook and stumble this Avocados from Mexico Facebook page  I didn't hesitate to click the like button and read the comments and the recipe that people put in there. I have my own recipe too and I will share it later but added fun in the page is their quiz. Yup they have a quiz in there page and to my surprise a sweepstakes too!! Love it!! It's like I stumbled a pot of  gold haha!! The sweepstakes will run from December 29,2010 to January 28,2011. It has 80 prizes and the winner will take two "Fly away" tickets how cool is that!! So I took my quiz and my result I am a guac geek!! I agree to that remember I love guacamole/avocado. Aside from that my perfect guac recipe is :Authentic Mexican Guac

    Not all people love guacamole I remember when my step daughter got sick she asked me to buy guacamole for her chips. And I see to it that it's an Avocados from Mexico  because that's where we could find good quality avocado/guacamole. This weekend us women is going to prepare party food for the men since they are going to watch games.  I already knew what to prepare it's chips with guacamole dip with a little twist ^_^. Right now I will  tweet my step daughter about guacamole quiz, sweepstakes and recipe. And will let her know to visit  Avocados from Mexico  twitter account which is @guacgrl


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Diamond R said...

I just love avocado. It is expensive in AbuDhabi.But i have no choice. You can eat it with sugar and thats it.

kimmy said...

ahhh... so that was GUACAMOLE is. well, i love it! especially when turned into milk shake, quite a treat!

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