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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Work boots

I was watching the weather forecast tonight and the weatherman said our first snow here in MI will be this Thanksgiving day. I love to see the first snow but it looks like I am not ready for it. Though the temperature is already below 40F but at least no snow yet.
This year we are not going to cook for Thanksgiving day three of my DH children invited us to go to their house and spend the Thanksgiving dinner with them. So hubby decided that we are just going to visit each one of them and I hope that we are not going to be stuff at the end of the day lol! I also told hubby that after attending mass in the morning I am going to shop online for his new work boots. Yes he need a new work boots because he always complained to me that his foot aches. I want him to be comfortable where ever he is. He is a very working man and many admired him for that. So it's just right for me to give him the best boots in town.

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