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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Power tools

Yesterday hubby was busy cleaning around the house while I was also cleaning the inside. I found out that many of his tools just laying around  the house or in the  basement and it made me a little bit nuts, lol!! I already told him to gather all his power tools in his pole barn and keep it there. He has cabinets and tool chests that has a good lock and still he won't keep it there. One time I also told him that in this time where economy is so bad I won't let him buy and buy tools when he couldn't find his old tools. Because I observed it before that when he is looking for a tool and he couldn't find it he just went to the big store and buy it, that's not what savings means.  The other day he was looking and looking for the battery of one of his power tools and couldn't find it. But I do remember I told him to bring it to the pole barn and keep it there I don't know why he couldn't find it. In this time purchasing tools all the time is not practical. Everything is expensive and I think sooner or later we will be back in time when we have to borrow tools from our neighbors ^_^ 

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Power Tools said...

This post sounds a lot like what I get to hear from my wife...hehehe

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