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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Truck performance

Snow had been blowing since yesterday afternoon. I don't know if how many inches of snow do we already have accumulated but to my observation the County snow plower had been passing our house since yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, my step son did plow our driveway and I am so thankful of that because I don't and nobody likes to shovel the snow specially that we have a long driveway and most specially I get tired of this whole snow thing. While my step son was plowing our driveway, his small truck just came to a halt. He had a hard time putting it on again so he called his Dad about what he could say about his truck. My DH came to the rescue and he told his son that his truck need an over haul lol! They pull his truck to the barn and while inside DH check the truck. Well he said that in order that his truck performed really well on  a weather like this he need to change his air intake, performance chip and cat back exhaust well that is a lot of changes huh! He did change it right away after he knew what is wrong with his truck.
 That is why watching on the tv today trucks come and go to plow the roadways, driveways and parking lot. Many drivers said last night that they definitely get no sleep because if they did it is hard to plow the snow. I remember hubby told me he likes to own a truck someday because of his reason that it is a man thing lol! Well I don't have a doubt about it because in summer he cut woods and haul it. And of course in a weather like this he likes to plow neighbors driveways too. I just hope that all trucks who were running yesterday, last night and today are all in good performance. Because if not they will be in a big trouble.

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