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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dark chocolates

They said Dark Chocolate is good for you heart. This coming valentines day I am still thinking what to give to my DH. His been good to me this past nine years that I have known him. For sure we are going to have  a date on that particular day but thinking about what to give to him is an ordeal lol. Because every time we talked and asked him what he likes he only answers at me nothing! But I am not planning to give him an extravagant valentine present I knew he doesn't like it though.  I juggling to give him something to munch that day and that would be Dark Chocolate he likes to eat it at night and since it is dark it is good for both of us lol! 
I looked at it in the internet for me to buy it online is not too hard but to find  a good one is kind of hard because I need the purest Dark Chocolate I could find and thankfully I found one and I am so pleased about it. Right now I wanted to tell my friends how good it is to give this valentines day because aside from that this company that I order my Dark Chocolate some of the profits will go to Haiti and knowing that makes me feel happy. Go for chocolate this Valentines day!!

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Kala said...

Wonderful image - I like the way you've put the three shots together, great contrasting colors.

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