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Saturday, January 16, 2010

YummySunday: Ginisang kalabasa at sitaw

It's yummy Sunday again and my foodah for this week is ginisang kalabasa(squash) at sitaw (long beans). When I was in the Philippines this dish is just a hand away from me. Because everyday this kind of vegetable is always in the market. And because of that sometimes we don't appreciate it. But when I got here in the US oh my, I crave a lot of dishes that I used to eat. Most specially the fish and the vegetables. If I really have to buy long beans I had to drive 30 or more minutes just to go to International market and sometimes thinking about the drive makes me lazy already. Last two years ago, I meet a Filipina who plants pinoy veggies and sell it, it was then that I decided to have a garden and plant long beans, okra, talong(eggplant) etc. Harvest time came since I can't eat it all I freeze it and it took me many months to consume all. Now I am destined to make a vegetable garden again and plant long beans. Here is the picture!

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Lalaine's World said...

i haven't had kalabasa for quite some time too.. i'll include that in my grocery list for this evening.. thanks for sharing!

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nuts said...

and thats freshly picked from the garden.. Im just few meters away from the market and i might cook that veg later for dinner..
so yummy!
Mine is here!

wenn said...

yea, long beans my favorite!

Perfectly Blended said...

I love vegetables! Yummy food Kim!

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