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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Adobo

It's Yummy Sunday again and my entry for this week is ADOBO!! Yup I made adobo here in US of A. Well first off, why I am so happy to cooked this one because I found an Oriental store who sells fish and pork meat that has skin and fast with it. The same as we could buy in the Phillippines which we call it best as Liempo. And believe it or not for just a small slab of belly meat it cost almost $10 but I was very happy to see it since in the regular store they took off the fat and skin which we Filipinos love to have it in our pork meat. So this week I cook my first adobo and oh gush was I so happy hehehehe. Here is the picture!

                                                                              the liempo

I cooked it the dry way seasoned it with salt only.

Here is my adobo!! Yum yum!
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ruby said...

agoy kalami aning liempo oi.. ge deep fry ra ni nimo manang kim?

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Arlene said...

am sure many loves adobong pork. but i always love adobong talong and adobong chicken. :)

drop by to see my entry. :)

Perfectly Blended said...

Looks so tempting! But I was expecting for the pork adobo with soy sauce, vinegar and black pepper.:)

grace said...

looks delicious kasi hindi marami ang soy sauce... mukhang crispy..

Fe said...

aguy, kalami ba ani, isa sa mga foods na ako ganahan kaonon, with matching coke na dyun he he

Bacolod and BeyondJourney said...

hmmm. sarap, kiddos love it. Thanks for the visit Kim...

My Family Daily Adventure said...

Love it too... sarap ng lutong Pinoy di ba?

Kero said...

ang saraap! i can almost smell it from here. pramis, adobo lulutuin ko mamaya. i also like it dry just how you cooked yours :)

thank you so much for the visit!

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