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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Piano Lessons..

I was all alone today hubby went out with his brother to their nephew's house helping him putting up the dry wall. Anyway, I love to be alone too I have time to finishing my household chores with out any interruption. After doing the household chore I did blog hopping. After that  I went outside roamed around just to get some fresh air. I found out that it was not that cold but it was 24F but no gushing wind at all.
Later that afternoon, I was in front of my laptop (again) when the phone rung and on the other line is my hubby. He told me to picked up his granddaughter who is having his piano lessons right next to the town hall. Gush, I don't drive in a weather like this I was not scared but I just think what if there are some roads that are icy. Hubby told me just to be careful turning in the curved. But then off I go...I drove very carefully when I reached the place I saw my step-granddaughter waiting for me with  a smile. When she got in the car I asked her how is her piano lessons going, she said it was all okay and she find it fun doing it. I told her to tell her mom to check  online piano lessons too it will make her advance in her piano lessons and she agreed hehe.

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