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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I loved seafood in any shape or color hehe. I think because back in Pinas we have an abundant supply of seafoods. One time hubby went to visit me in Pinas I cooked for him a what we call shrimp scampi. I bought the big shrimp or prawn in the market fresh and let hubby took off the skin so he knew how it takes to eat a good scampi you have to do much effort to taste a good food. But when he ate my version of shrimpi scampi he craves for it all the time he was there. When I get here he asked me one time if I can make the  shrimp scampi so off we go to the supermarket but to my disappointment the shrimps are frozen don't know how many centuries it was inside the freezer but because he wanted shrimp scampi I cooked for him. It came out good too but because the shrimp is frozen and not fresh it doesn't pass to my standard hehehehe! Hubby noticed it too I explained to him the difference of a fresh seafood and the frozen ones even though I read somehere that a frozen seafood are still good as fresh but for me who live close to the sea water or dagat naku iba ang lasa sa fresh!!
And because hubby like shrimps I made another version of how to cook shrimps. I didn't make another scampi but I cooked a different one I just call it guisadong shrimp, which I only cook it with 7-up, garlic, onion, salt and pepper to taste. Voila it come out good enough for a craving person hehe.


FaYe said...

my little boy said "oh delicious shrimps". my two kids like shrimps very much. shrimps are very expensive. 1 1,200 pesos (20 euros).

d'kitchen said...

oh my gosh...pagkalami aning imong prawn tKim...naa pay salin diha kay mangayo unta ko...ehhehee!

salamat sa dalaw sa akong kusina te ha...agi pod ko dire....mwah!

Manang Kim said...

Hello Faye oh my gush kamahal ba diay diha ang shrimps. Dire mahal pod biya maong ug naay sale hala grab ug at least 2 ka putos hehe.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Dhemz, ali kaon ta!

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