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Monday, August 31, 2009


Yey one of my favorite food aside from the adobo is kinilaw or kinilao. In my place in Pinas we could in the market fresh fish all the time. My favorite type of fish that I like to make as a kinilaw is the fish we call "tangigue" or "malasugue". Both are big fish but the tangigue is the reddish one while the malasugue has the white color. Both of them are really good for kinilaw but my brother and me preferred the malasugue.
In preparing kinilaw my brothers style, first we ask the fish vendor to slice it for us. Then the ingredients are vinegar, ginger, kalamansi, tabon2x, lime, onion, salt and of course the siling halang.
How my brother prepare it, some people wash the fish with vinegar and squeeze it a little but he didn't do that because he says that the vinegar can cook the fish meat. Rather he immediately mixed all the ingredients together and lastly mix the fish to the mixture and season it with salt. It is kind of simple but it does taste good.


FaYe said...

kalami sa kinilaw, kim. gutomom man sab ta oi!sure, nga na-miss na nimo.

Manang Kim said...

Mao gyud Faye, nakakita ko ganina sa supermarket dire yellow fin tuna from the philippines pa ang tatak sus kamahal per pound. Next year nalang pod ko kaon ani ^-^

Rossel said...

gustong gusto yan ng tatay ko...pulutan. di ako masyadong mahilig sa kinilaw. ang mahal naman ng isda dyan ate kim.

Weng Forsgren said...

Kalami ani oi. maglaway man sad ta ani kim. Ganahan jud ko kinilaw labi na aslom ang suka unya daghay lamas.
Dri sus once in a blue moon rako makabuhat og kinilaw pero ang taste murag dili man the same ang kalami sa atoa jud didto sa ato.
sus naglaway man ta ani oi..ikaw jud hehe.

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