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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day Foodah!!

Yesterday was a holiday here in US because it is Labor Day. For so many years every Labor day is  my husbands family reunion. It has been like that since 1970's (update I asked my husband when their reunion started he says in the 20's) di pa pinanganak ako noon even my hubby hehe.  Anyway one of the good thing about yesterday aside from meeting some relatives from near or far big or small hehe the food is flowing I mean over flowinggggggggggggg!!! I had a chance to took some pictures of it enjoy!!
rice puddingbaked chickenitalian sausage with red and green pepper


FaYe said...

kim, gigotum gyud ko nakakita sa mga food, kadaghan ba!!
sa tanan nga food unsa ang the best? unya share dayon sa recipe.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Faye, kakagutom nga ano. Good thing I took a picture of them at least I do have something to look pag I missed those foods.
For the cakes I like the prune cake it was made by my SIL and I haven't talked to her since reunion but I will ask her the recipe of her prune cake. For the salad I like the last picture it was made by little peas, corn, spring onion and I think a little bell pepper (it was not my dish) what I like to know about this dish is what they mix with the vegies. The 2nd one I like is the broccoli salad and cauliflower love it much.

r e y a n e said...

ang dameeeeng fooooddd... ahihihi... ^_^

Gusto kong i try yung Italian Sausage...

Manang Kim said...

Ako ang gumawa nun simple lang ang pag-gawa nyan. Sarap siya with rice yum2x!

Clarissa said...

Yey ang daming foodies!!\(^0^)/Parada ng foodies to ah!!Dapat nandyan ako para makikain!!

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