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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sarciadong bulad

Dried fish or bulad or tuyo any of this word will come out and if you are a Pinoy you knew what it is. Many pinoy crave for this special food one time I was in a Filipino store 5 or 4 pieces of galunggong na tuyo cost $4 or $5 ata jeez that is already how many kilos of dried fish in the Philippines. If you happen to fry dried fish ohhh that is so heavenly for Pinoys but not for other races hahaha. That is why when you live in an apartment, condominium unit better not cook this dried fish because for them it stinks!! My hubby says it is like a socks that was never washed for a million years hahaha but he allows me to fry or cook dried fish even inside our house. What I did is while I am cooking is to open all the window and light all the candles that I can find hehe. But still there is something in the smell that cling to the wall and curtains that is why sometimes I used my camping stove and cook outside.

Few days ago I brought at my friends house sarciadong dried fish. It was her request to make this dish she was craving for it and we all love it too. Here is my sarciadong dried fish. Ingredients is dried fish cut, garlic minced, onion minced, a lot of tomatoes sliced. Fry first the dried fish after frying set aside. Sautee first the onions, garlic and then tomatoes then mix the fried dried fish. Stir to mix the ingredients to the dried fish then cover it so it will create a little bit of sauce. Then it is done.



Clarissa said...

I haven't tried eating sarciadong bulad at di ko alam na meron palang lutong ganyan sa atin but I'm sure masarap yan!!fave ko ang bulad!!

Manang Kim said...

Hi Claire,oo meron ganitong luto. Pritohin muna ang dried fish bago igisa sa maraming tomatoes, mawawala ang alat nang dried fish, tapas masarap ang sauce niya kaya madami ang makain mo nang kanin hehe.

Jessie said...

first time ko lang narinig ang salitang bulad. add sa vocabulary ko Manang, tagalog po ba yun?

Manang Kim said...

Hello Jessie, nope ang bulad is cebuano word sa tuyo or dried fish. Thanks for coming.

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