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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paksiw na bangus

I cooked paksiw na bangus yesterday it was so yummy specially the belly part (im drooling now). Good thing hubby just watched me while I am enjoing to savor the fish head and the tummy. I tried to gave him the belly part though the best part of the fish but he turned me down waahhhh!! But he ate a little of the eggplant which I cooked with the fish. Then later of the day because there are still few pieces that was left he tried to ate a little of the fish but found out that it was too bony. So I told him, that is why I like myself to gave the fish itself because I already took all the bones from it (how sweet of me huh?hehe). So he ate one piece and the eggplant with a little rice. 

Paksiw na bangus:

bangus cut in pieces




salt to taste

a drizzle of cooking oil

a little of water


Weng Forsgren said...

hm i like paksiw na bangus...hubby's favorite while we were in pinas. grilled bangus gusto niya. Couldn't find bangus here, kung naa man im sure mahal kaayo hehe.

Clarissa said...

waaahh!!I love paksiw na bangus!! I miss my mother's paksiw!!(I don't know how to cook them!lol!)

Umma said...

I missed the paksiw too... waaah.. but I didnt know na merong palang talong?

Manang Kim said...

Hi weng, I love grilled bangus too sus sarap na kaayo pag summer na kay adto man ta sa gawas gyud mag sugba2x dayon. Labi na ang tummy part ay sus.

Manang Kim said...

Hi claire, I can live with just fish paksiw lang gyud labi na ang tuna in other words tulingan sa atin. Sus ka sarap man gyud ug paksiw na ang ulam diba? Vinegar lang ang e-cook mo sa fish weng and some ginger,garlic and onion.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Umz, pwede mong lagyan nang talong ang iba lagyan nila nang ampalaya pero I am not a fan of ampalaya kasi mapait so talong lang. Try it mommy umz.

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