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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grilled salmon

Last Monday we were at Meijers superstore doing our grocery thing. I was in the seafood section and find out that a salmon and shrimp are on sale. I asked hubby if he likes grilled salmon that night and he agreed. I bought two pieces of salmon with just $5.00++ something not bad huh? When we get home I immediately took our GeorgeForeman grilled machine and let it hot.  I sprinkled salt and pepper to the salmon and a little olive oil so it won't sticked the grill. I then took some potatoes and carrots from my pork stew just to have some vegetables. Voila we had our healthy dinner that night. 


Umma said...

I love Salman too Manang Kim... its very healthy food..

I will grill salmon later too hahaha.. bec I bought one pack from Costco too..

Weng Forsgren said...

I love salmon ver much. We bought4 slices of salmon last week. I grill ko na rin to manang kim hehe.
kaw talaga, tong blog mo maka dagdag taba sa akin hehe.gutomon man noon ko,i sugba to nko diay among pinalit hehe.

good night

Manang Kim said...

hi umz, nice siya e-grilled bitaw, just put salt and pepper and then a little drizzle of lemon juice wag masyadong marami mo over power sa taste sa salmon. happy grilling!!

Manang Kim said...

hi weng, haha bitaw oi basta atong lutong bahay gutoman ta dayon. happy grilling pod diha. happy eating!!

Clarissa said...

I also love salmon,Te!!Kaya lang tong mga alaga ko sa bahay,ayaw kumain ng fish!pag nagluluto ako,ako lang kakain!

Manang Kim said...

hi clair, ganun ba? masarap nga ang salmon eh pero i like tuna too kasi sarap lagyan nang coconut milk ay naku nagutom na naman ako hehe. thanks for dropping by. tc!

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