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Monday, December 8, 2008

Potato soup

Few days ago now, our weather is always below 30F. When a weather like this it always strikes me the "law-oi" the comfort food aside from "lugaw" specially on the rainy season in the Philippines. Last night hubby was craving for potato soup. He started to chopped onions and potatoes while I was searching at the internet what are the possible ingredients for potato soup. I did the recipe the simple easy potato soup and hubby was right (of course) to put onions. While he was in his computer I was the one watching the potato become tender. When it became tender I mashed some of the sliced ones and leave the others in chunk size. I then put the onions let it tender and I put some milk seasoned it with salt and pepper. An idea came to me, to put a crushed crispy bacon on top of the soup but found out we dont have bacon. So our easy simple potato soup was made. In the dreary weather of winter

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