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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Every Labor Day..

Yesterday, was the 92th Hotchkiss reunion here in Michigan. The place of venue was the George Squire Park located in Lapeer. It has been that long that when I had a chance to talked to Uncle Willard he told me that when he was young at the tender age of around 7 or 8 they used to run on the hill in this park and to added it up he had a chance to see in person Major George Squire. To add it up he told me that there is a tower in that area around the park, and he said that before, you could see the tower since the trees are not tall but now it was the other way around you couldn't see the tower because the trees are tall. One couple who were married the day before yesterday told us that the tower is still there but we couldn't see it because of the trees. And the young woman says that in winter time they used it as a hiding place to keep warm when they play around the park with snow.

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