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Monday, March 10, 2014

Pure Yacon Syrup

I love honey on anything. However, one thing that I cannot put on my face is also honey but something in honey that makes my face or lips bloat. Except from this reason, I like honey for anything. Then recently I found a new product that is healthy too. Like honey, it has a great taste and texture. I could compare the taste to a muscovado a brown sugar that I am familiar and love with when I was in the Philippines. 

Therefore, when I found out Yacon Syrup I did not hesitate to try it. I love it from the time I open and the bottle and taste it. Now I put it in my coffee as my sweetener I do not use sugar. Then I like to try it to my steamed banana bread. I would really try to put Yacon Syrup and find out if it is okay. I think it is okay since the taste and the texture is just right for any baking purposes. Friends try it now I so like it and for sure you do too. 

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