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Friday, February 8, 2013

Frozen Yogurt

My family loves to dine out all the time just tonight we went to this restaurant and the food is awesome. The restaurant is practically new and they had a buffet in dinner time. The selection of food is awesome more so there dessert. I really wonder how they come up with creamy ice cream and good yogurt. I saw some frozen yogurt machines in the dessert bar and it amazes me how it works because for one thing hubby and I love yogurt.
We were eating our dessert when the topic about amazing machines comes up. I told them how awesome in this generation to experience such great machine like frozen yogurt machines. Hubby told me that when his siblings were younger their mother use to make yogurt from scratch. I ask him how their mother do it he told me it was kind of complicated only his mother knew it and his sisters. When my husband is younger his father and brothers work in the farm so what is going on in the kitchen is for the women. Back to the frozen yogurt machines that I saw at the restaurant I wonder if there is something that is for family size. It would be nice if I can make my own frozen yogurt at home that would be awesome! I am dreaming now what to do with a frozen yogurt machine especially in summer. I would definitely use it where ever my friends and I go in summer. Last year I found this recipe book on how to make homemade yogurt and for some reason I did not read it well because at the back of my mind I cannot make it anyway I do not have a machine to do it. So when I saw that there is a frozen yogurt machine my curiosity goes high and I am excited to start making it.

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