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Friday, January 25, 2013

NM Auto Insurance

When economy started to dwindled hubby and I started to look for cheap auto insurance. Thankfully, here in Michigan we did find it. Paying high auto insurance is not as appealing as paying a house mortgage because sometimes there are some months that money is tight. However, we manage to squeeze our budget and find auto insurance helps a lot. 
Last year, I was checking my social networking site and lo and behold, I saw a long lost friend of mine. When I was in the Philippines, we were close friends but then when she came here in the US we lost contact. Because of social networking we did find each other again and it is very nice to see her again and her new baby. As we chatted almost everyday, I found out that she is back in school and that requires a car for her. I asked her she find cheap auto insurance in her area. She told me at that time that she is looking for it but could not find it yet. I told her to go look at cheap auto insurance NM site and it will show her how to look for an auto insurance that she could afford. 
After that talk, we have not chatted online again and I thought I would not disturb her since she is back to school. Last Christmas she messages me and I was surprise she told me she is thankful of the site I gave her and that her auto insurance is very affordable. She told me she could not understand why we have to pay for a high price of auto insurance when we could find an affordable one. I told her that is what I thought too when I first came here in the US. I know many friends who paid a high price of auto insurance sometimes I like to speak out about cheap insurance but sometimes I like to shut up lol.

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