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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chips Tortillas

I was at my SIL when I first tasted these chips tortillas. I thought of making it for me so when I get home I immediately made it. It was a long trial and error and even until now I still try to figure out the right temperature and time to make it crispy and not burnt. One time I made one batch and oh it was so good because the brown sugar was caramelized on it and it was crispy the bad part is hubby don't like it too sweet so had to adjust it again, lol!

I used whole wheat tortillas, cut it using a pizza cutter (you can use knife though)
I brush  it with butter
Drizzle some brown sugar and cinnamon
Put it in oven for at least 15 minutes to 330F. This part is crucial not everyone has the same oven so you must watch it often.
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Iska said...

Wow! Sounds easy to make and fun to eat. Gotta try this sometime. Thanks for sharing!

maiylah said...

have to agree with, easy and yummy!

thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Manang Kim

joyce said...

this one is perfect midnight snacks during we watched t.v!

xinex said...

Oh wow! These look so simply and yet so yummy!...Christine

CQUEK said...

Sounds freaking amazing.
And those shots. I am always in awe!

Unknown said...

this is perfect while watching TV.:p
and i like it sweet.:p

Oggi said...

I'll have anything crunchy with sugar and cinnamon!:)

Tetcha Figuerres said...

Whenever we crave for tortilla chips or nacho chips, we head to the nearest supermarket; that's because we don't have an oven to try to make some of these chips. My son will surely love your crunchy and sweet tortilla chips.

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