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Monday, July 2, 2012

Ladies Best Friend

     Hubby had not given me any jewelry for ages now. When we were boyfriend girlfriend, he sent me packages to the Philippines with jewelries inside. I told him one time it is not safe but any words could make this guy afraid of he do what he wanted to do. Fortunately, all the jewelries that he sent me I received them all. When I get here in the US, he continued to give me jewelries. One time when I was in the Philippines, he asked me if I like jewelries I told him not much but later he found out that I love it a lot! That is one of our joke now not much but a lot! Hubby showers me everything I kind of loving it and he told me I am a spoiled wife I guess he likes to spoil me and I like the thought that I am.
     Few Christmases ago, he asked me what I would like for a Christmas gift. I told him anything would make me happy and he does not like the answer because it made him very stress he does not know what I do like. Therefore, he asks me to be specific so I told him a beautiful ring. I knew then he likes to shop diamond rings. He is very meticulous in this area and I like him to look for a good one. He did put a lot of effort traveling from one jewelry store to another because for him it is hard to find a trusted jewelry store. A friend of him lives in Colorado and he told him that a colorado jewelry store is his best place to shop for his wife. In addition, they have a website to look for in case hubby could not find the right ring for me. He did had a hard time looking for a good one because he says some stones had this black color in the stone which he says it will lower the cost of the stone if it is a bit tarnish. I do not know where he got his knowledge in scrutinizing diamonds but I do trust him. He once told me that a radiant cut diamonds 1, 8 carat diamonds is one of the best he would love to give it to me. I told a low carat or high carat it does not matter what matters for me is I see his effort in looking for a good ring. The other day he was talking to his friend over the phone they were talking about diamond engagement rings wholesale online a rare opportunity that if you have a business it is hard to pass along. 

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

that is great jewelry store...

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