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Friday, June 15, 2012

Classe Wines

Wine is good for the heart. Hubby and I do drink wine may it be white wine or red wine. We have several wines in our wine rack and some are new some are old. Every time we go visit his son we are always offered wine. His son’s wife is a wine enthusiast and I cannot believe how many wines they have. It was there that I drink sweet wine, woody taste wine but I prefer sweet wine. One time we were talking about wines and I could not believe how many wines are there. I know some countries do have great wines but one thing for sure the best French wine is now available online. Moreover, to buy wine you should know where it comes from and how many years it is. Well that is my opinion because as what I have known the best wine is when they aged. I have not yet drink wine that aged 10 or 20 or more than twenty years that could be very expensive, right? 
However, here is one thing that I know too. White wine is for seafood and red wine is for meat. Sometimes what ever it is on the table I do not care. One thing that I put in mind drinking wine is not bad at all; you just have to learn to drink moderately. Hubby is not wine drinker but he does it socially and he is okay with it. I on the other hand like to experiment. I like to taste it all and choose what I like and what is best for my taste. In our conversation, I found out that weather, soil does make good grapes, and that makes a very good wine too. This summer I would love to visit vineyards and see how grapes grow. I know some vineyards are off limit, which is understandable, but I know there is always a wine tasting somewhere. Father’s day is fast approaching and so I got to shop for hubby’s gift and I am thinking of giving him good wine. Moderation is the key in drinking any kind of liquor and yes, we all have to be responsible too. 

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