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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


     After I graduated college, I landed in a very good job. The company that I worked is in retail and wholesale business.  We have cash flow and we have business checks all the time. In all the transactions that our boss is going into he always write checks. For me, checks are appropriate even for personal use. I can monitor the in and out of the transactions as well as you have a proof of a certain dealings or business you are into. 
     One thing that I like checks or business checks is when you can personalize it. I love checks that have words on it, like an inspirational quote or even a photo of some flower, places or birds. I also like the double page check where in you can see what you have written on the original page. For me who works in an accounting office anything that you can keep is the best.  A deposit slips that goes with the business checks and a binder is an easy way to an easy job. Some checks are colorful and I like that too.  It tells the personality of who owns that check. Now that we can do online banking, I still do love to pay things with checks. I am more confident in writing checks that paying online which some people don’t do it anymore but to each it’s own what ever you feel easy for your business go for it. 

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