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Friday, June 1, 2012

Balat Kayo!

Currently enjoying the warm weather here in the Philippines. Next week I will be home in Michigan and so for the last days I am enjoying and having fun with sea foods. Here in my place we call this particular sea food as BALAT. I noticed the two colors of basin and I remember the vendor told us that they may be have the same name but the blue basin that contain the BALAT has the soft texture compare to the red basin. I of course bought the soft ones. For the Filipinos out there what do you call this particular sea food in your province? Do you also have this kind of sea food?

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Unknown said...

oh yes, i love Balat (or sea cucumber). Balat is usually used in Chinese restaurants--i had a yummy seafood hot pot with sea cucumber last week at Emerald Garden. i haven't seen balat in markets here---buti pa sa inyo madami! gusto ko magluto nito sa bahay.:p

Staright from the Heart said...

This looks delicious. Guess, it's yummy!

Gene said...

I have no idea what that is. Do you eat it raw, like a salad?

Visiting via Food Friday.

kimmy said...

uy, manang, mukhang masarap yan ah! di pa ko nakakatikim, hehe..

Jessica Cassidy said...

I love sea foods Sis Kim but I do not think we have this in my home town, Cagayan de Oro City :-) looks delish too :-) Dropping by from last weeks Food Friday. Have a safe trip back to Michigan :-) Are you back now?

maiylah said...

i think we have that in the province, but my mother never served that on our table. a former high school classmate once told me that they eat those...i forgot what she called them and how they were served/prepared. how do you prepare them? :)
glad to know that you enjoyed your vacation, Manang Kim
thanks so much for sharing over at Food Friday!

Unknown said...

I love sea foods Sis Kim but I do not think we have this in my home town,
nice posting and I like it.
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Anonymous said...

we have that in our town misamis oriental, my bro used to make kilawin and sometimes cook it...i miss this seafood

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