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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tom & Jerry

Do you love cartoons? I have several cartoon shows that I and my nieces and nephew love to watch. One show that we love to watch is Tom and Jerry. I love to hear them laugh and laugh while Tom and Jerry are doing there antics. 
Next week I will be going to visit my family in the Philippines. This morning I talk to my nieces and nephew and they told me they like to play games online all the time. I know it well because I always caught those kids playing games online. I asked them what is the specific game that they like me to look they told me they like Tom and Jerry. I am always impressed how kids now a day find games online but am also scary if they find a bad game online. When I look at the website, it is very impressive.  In this website, I find different kind of games with Tom and Jerry I immediately try run jerry run and food free for all. I cannot help but laugh and laugh I find chasing Tom or Jerry is fun. I know now why my nieces and nephew was hook in this game it is colorful, fun and you really enjoy it. Well have to go back to the play a game I am hook too.

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