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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


           Right now I am so craving pusit. Pusit is a small squid. It is caught fresh and dried under the scorching sun with a lot of salt for preservation. Just looking at this photo I am thinking of Philippines because in my native country we have these kind of food in our market every day. But wait....yes I am going to the Philippines soon. Keep posted!


Unknown said...

hi Kim, yes, i've been to was years ago. stayed in a resort but couldn't remember the name of the resort right now. it was owned by a Filipina married to a Dutch. check out this website---i'm sure there are places to stay listed here.

kelan ang vacation mo?

Unknown said...

naalala ko na--we stayed at Jasmine by the sea.:p
it was a simple resort, just a place to eat and sleep.

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