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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Federico Pignatelli

Founder, owner and President of the World largest and most renowned Photo Studio complex, Pier 59 Studios, as well as founder owner and President of Art and Fashion Group, a Talent, Production and Media Group, both companies with operations in NY and Los Angeles. Also a designer and architect by passion, he has entirely conceived in all details his two studios along with his living place, including designing all furniture.
Currently, Federico Pignatelli is the largest shareholder, Chairman and CEO of BIOLASE, a NASDAQ listed company, the World’s leader in medical laser technology.
Every time I read a story of a successful person I always ask myself how they reach there goal. It’s amazing how at there age acquire all what they have now. The things they own and the title they got. To now more of his story visits the site and you will be inspired.

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