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Monday, April 30, 2012


Durian is the national fruit of the  Philippines. When I was young I couldn't stand the smell of this fruit it make me feel dizzy. But it change when I was working in Iligan City. Our Chinese boss likes to eat this fruit so on Sundays we go around the city looking for Durian. And mind you people this fruit is expensive I won't dare to buy this just for the sake of it but because we are with our boss and she is the one paying it what the heck go for it, it's free! Anyway, at first I just watch them eat but one time they try to made me eat. I pinch my nose and  took a deep breath or did I hold my breath when I eat the fruit? LOL! But a magic moment happen I love the fruit instantly. From then on I crave this fruit and by the way many says this is an aphrodisiac...okey got it! LOL!

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