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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Income At Home

I was at church the other day for a class and before my class begun, our leader talked to me about what she heard on the radio. She asked me if I know what is going on in the Philippines about what he heard on the radio. I asked her what is it all about and she told me it is about people there are starving for food. I was stunned and I do not know what to say because I never heard of the news but it is not impossible. In fact, few years ago, somebody died of hunger and even if I do not know the person, I felt I am guilty.
To be upfront with this issue I know and every body know that many try just to survive this days. One family who is paying mortgages and too much bills with kids in school and only one breadwinner is of course having a hardship these days. Not only families who are suffering hardships this days but everybody does. That is when people are willing to know how to make an Incomeathome without getting out there and leaving the kids in some bodies care. I am a stay at home wife and I am glad I learn how to earn an Income at Home by searching on the internet because until now I am enjoying it.

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