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Monday, February 13, 2012

Church Chairs

This weekend I had so much fun. Four of my friends celebrated their birthday together and it was a blast. We all wore something red and it was very nice to see the women in red for the occasion. There is something in the red color that makes somebody look very chic and elegant. Last week hubby and I attended a party and it was fun too. There are many people who come to that church were my hubby‘s nephew is the pastor. The first time I noticed inside the church are the church furniture like the church chairs. Everywhere I go the church seating is unbelievably chic. There is something in the furniture that stands up with the rest of the furniture in the church that I had been. The first time I noticed it I thought it might be very expensive but when I asked the nephew of my hubby about the church furniture, he told me it was about right. The price is right and so the quality. His thoughts that if they would buy something cheap and the quality is not right somehow, it will broke down and they are going to buy again, which is not right. The parishioners like to have a good and strong stuff that somehow will last for a long time. My hubby’s nephew likes a not so pricey church furniture but he also agrees on a furniture that last for a long time. I remember when hubby and I went to shop for a new bed and a living room sofa. I like the cheap one and looks great but then hubby wants a durable and strong furniture though it is a bit pricey on the side. Well until now we have the same bed and living room sofa and so far we do not have problem to any of it. I think hubby is right all the time. 

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