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Monday, January 16, 2012

Basic Table Setting

Setting the table is often a hurried task that leaves family members wondering about the correct placement of the flatware, plates, napkins and glassware. You don't have to add stress to your dinner plans, just start with basic table setting to dress up your dinner table and set the mood for your dinner party or gathering.
                                                                  BASIC SETTING
                 This is appropriate for most occasions, and you just add to the basic pieces as needed.
                 1) The dinner plate is positioned in the center of the place setting and everything else is
                       placed around it.

                 2) The flatware is arranged around the plate in the order in which it will be used:
                         * To the left of the plate is  the fork.
                         * To the right of the plate is the knife and spoon. The knife is placed to the right
                             of the plate with the sharp edge toward the plate. To the right of the knife is the spoon.
                  3) A water glass goes above the knife.

                  4) Napkins can be placed under the fork or on the plate for an informal setting.
                             source: The Taste of Home Cookbook

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A beautiful dining room and a gorgeous tablescape. Thank you for sharing and happy Tablescape Thursdays.

Alycia Nichols said...

Good teaching post! I think we so often tend to forget that it's not just "career tablescapers" who read our posts, but people who are just learning. It is important that we teach as well as entertain. Your centerpiece is beautiful with all the glass candle holders and varied levels of candlelight. Have a wonderful, warm weekend!

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

I agree with Alycia! So often just the basic instructions are often overlooked. I think there are a good number of people who don't know them. Great job!

CJ Foss said...

Good post reminding and teaching! We need to preserve these traditions. Your dining room set and table are beautiful, especially the candles alllllllll the way across. Nice job! If you are up for joining one more party, please join mine! Please join me this weekend on my blog party called R & R Weekend, links about restful and rejuivinating activities for all the creative people in blogland. Happy blogging. ~CJ

deb duty said...

Such a beautiful table! Thanks for the info.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

maganda....siguro hindi puwede diyan mag inuman na ang inumin ay lang siguro....kasi kung tuba baka magka mantsa...

Unknown said...

Great post! Love your table and the colors! Thanks for sharing the tips.Joann

Chloe m said...

I will show this to my son. His job is to set the table and he usually mixes it up. I love your tablescape!

Kim, USA said...

That is great Rossie. Same here I mix and match since I used to spoon and fork back in the Philippines. ^_^

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