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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Longaniza or Bacon

Hubby is a sweet hubby. He is the one who fixed me breakfast and for 7 years that we are married he knew how to cook perfect rice, in a rice cooker. The other day he discovered that I have a packed of longaniza in the freezer. He didn't tell me instead he cooked at least 6 pieces of them and I freak out. He thought I didn't like he cooked the longaniza but I told him you should not cooked all of them I bought this from Oriental store and it's too far, I can only ate one or two of this. And he told me never mind we are going to the store and buy 10 of them, lol!! That's my hubby for the queen of his life he will give everything, lol!!
To make the story short I end up almost eating all the longaniza but I stopped my self to over do eating and put two left over for the next meal hehe. As we are eating hubby asked me which one is the best bacon or longaniza I told him longaniza of course. So of we go tomorrow to the Oriental store for another packs of longaniza. ^_^

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tejan said...

aaayyyy..promise di ko sinadya..sadyang tulo laway ko..heheh!

visiting from YS!

Tina´s PicStory said...

thanks for your yummy dish :)

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