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Friday, November 18, 2011

Richard Cole Haiti

I remember one time at our church a priest came and talked about Haiti. The priest talked about how poverty is very common in this country. Moreover, when the earthquake came there was even more devastation and poverty problem was worse. However, Haiti is not a poor country in terms of natural resources just like Richard Coles Haiti born who employs 3,000 people at his apparel-assembly plant, pays above-average wages, and provides on-site medical care. That I think with my reading about Haiti they need this kind of entrepreneur who not only thin about profit but also think the status of his/her employees. Richard Coles Haiti born says, “The poor believes the elites were always together, but we weren’t.” This made me think too that they are together but people are people. Some can be together for some reason and some cannot be together for some reason. Nevertheless, what Richard Coles is doing is for me the best thing a businessperson can do.

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