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Friday, November 18, 2011

Federico Pignatelli

Federico Pignatelli is a CEO that holds a salary of just a $1! How that it happened? Well Federico Pignatelli is a CEO of Biolase a California-based dental laser company. He keeps his $1 annual salary to rebuild the fortunes of the company after a turbulent year. How many CEO do that? What is in there mind is to make the stockholders do rake the fortune first before the CEO. After reading what Federico Pignatelli did to the company, I am very impressed. He is very determined and persistent to make money in order that the stockholders have money. And as I have said he know what he is doing and if only all the CEO’s are like him there will be no problem in all kind of businesses. Federico Pignatelli is a kind of person stockholders has to look for and fortunately, there is only one Federico Pignatelli. 

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