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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coconut milk with unripe jackfruit

Because here in the US particularly in my state I can't find an unripe jackfruit. But thankfully there is an available unripe jackfruit in can. This is my first time to cook this dish here in the US but in the Philippines I cooked this often at least once a week. And we all know most especially to Filipinos this dish is really good with dried fish but it's fall and it will stink the whole house if I fry some dried fish. Instead of the dried fish I used the belly pork, which sounds more yummy right?

I cut in big cubes the pork belly.

                              One can is not enough for me! But because it's is my first time I only bought one can
so that is what I used. One can of unripe jackfruit.

                                               then I prepare garlic, onions and tomatoes.

                                         I pan fry the pork belly until golden brown, set aside.

I prepare my glass pyrex pan. Put a little oil, sautee the onions, then garlic, when it is translucent put the unripe jackfruit. Stir and then pour the coconut milk. Mix the pork belly.  Let it boil until tender.

When the pork belly is tender you an add the tomato. Put the heat to low and cover. Season to taste. It is done! Serve with hot rice!

So is my unripe jackfruit with coconut milk or tinonoang langka is done!

Pork belly
a can of unripe jackfruit
a can of coconut mill
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Umma said...

Kagutom man sad ni manang Kim, suwayan sa ni nako kon kauyon si banana..Thanks for the recipe.

Cookie said...

What a good cook you are! Never tried this but you gave me an idea. The food looks yummy to eat!
Was here for my YS entry. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Pinx said...

this looks so yummy. i have never tried adding pork to jackfruit with coco milk. but this one's a must-try. visiting from YS.

Nancy said...

I would love to drool more but I'm afraid gutumon ko ug balik, bag-0 ra baya ko nag brunch, hehe...

Albert Einstein☺ said...

pag sa Pinas, ang Langka kay rami niyan, well, there it's not! likewise, apples are a hit here. hahaha. Na miss mo Manang Kim no ang Pinoy food? hahaha.. nakakagutom!!

lina@engagement rings said...

There are many food made by unripe jackfruit here...

IMRIZ said...

pagkaganda ng cut sa liempo! last week we picked out small langka (it's beginning to get fungus) and asked my aunt to cook ginataan with dilis as sahog:) and lotsa chillies:)

what did the hubs say about ur dish:)

Unknown said...

we too make jackfruit dishes here in india!

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