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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fish Soup

               Here in Michigan our temperature is already above 40's and it is hanging there all the time.
                       And because of that I always think of hot soup. Yesterday I cooked Sinigang na Isda
                                      or Fish soup with KnoeeTamarind base soup. I don't have kangkong leaves
                      so I just used bokchoy or pechay.

                                                                 Sabaw na mainit!

                                                                  FOOD FRIDAY


Jean Soo said...

we seldom drink fish soup. Yours looks great! wud love to try it! :)

Albert Einstein☺ said...

ka nice sa fish. preskong presko!

happy eating!

Mika said...

Seafood...I miss it! My mom loves to cook this kind of dish :)

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