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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Need It

After I passed my road test and get my drivers license the next hubby and I did was to find a car. For a new driver and at the age of 40 learned how to drive I didn't choose new car rather I choose a second hand car but still nice and drive well. We found the car I prayed for with the price I also prayed for and it was owned by an old couple. They told us that they don't hardly drive it because they have two cars so when we bought it, it has 80,000 mileage. I was pretty happy about it and contented it passed the taste of hubby as well as the ride.
The next thing we  do is to find an auto insurance. It is most likely the tedious part because hubby was looking for a cheaper one  but not too cheap. He look at websites who give you a free quote and luckily he found one. 
And I so remember the first thing he ask is the cost of insurance. And thankfully he settled to one auto insurance that satisfy our need.


Umma said...

Woohooo.. puede na laag ka ani manang Kim.. pa joy ride ko ha? hahaha

sharing and giving said...

wow, congrats, many blessings would come along your way.

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