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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rice Pudding

They call it here rice pudding but I call this like "lugaw" or rice porridge. But our "lugaw or rice porridge" in the Philippines is a bit more soupy while this one is a bit more drier. I love this one in fact, the recipe for this is just for the family (that is what they said lol) so I got the recipe too. This is only milk, then raisins then sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar for sweet but not too sweet though. I am thinking of cooking this today since it is raining. But hope not to rain tomorrow we are going to attend a wedding. Ciao!!

                                                                   FOOD FRIDAY


Pinoy Kitchenette said...

hmm kakaibang lugaw nga! but it looks good. and lighter when you eat I guess.

Happy FTF! Have a great weekend!

Mika said...

That is neat and unique :)

Check out my entry, thanks!

Mildred said...

Looks very good!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Have a great time at the wedding****

maiylah said...

oo nga, kakaibang 'lugaw' matamis-tamis. would love to give that a try!

your sharing this yummy pudding over at Food Friday is much appreciated, Manang Kim :)
happy weekend!

ps. you were asking me how i customized the author comments over at my blog; got the info here. hope it helps! if not (kasi iba-iba ung template scripts), then try searching for how to 'customize author comments in blogger'.
good luck with the tinkering! :)

Jenn (Tara, Let's Eat) said...

Makes me remember a childhood fave food: rice mixed with milk. :)

mymy said...

Yummy, that looks like something that my youngest would love!

imriz said...

rice when mixed w/ milk or sugar is rice pudding nga s western countries, dito satin pwdeng champorado o kaya ginataan :)

Jay-agent112778 said...

i want to try this one

heres my entry

kim said...

i was under the impression that 'lugaw' tastes salty, lol! left you a kiss, manang, hope i get one back, thanks!

by the way, do you mind checking out on The Lunchbox?

Gene said...

Could this be a white version of champorado, since it's with milk instead of chocolate? I remember eating rice combined with milk when I was younger. Especially when I don't like the ulam in our house. :D

Late visit Food Friday. Here's mine: Baked Cheese in Filo Pastry

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