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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inca Trail Tours

There are several reasons why I like trail tours. First, it is an experience of a lifetime.  I think you all heard about Machu Picchu treks and if you are not into adventure and fun then this is not for you. I have been searching for several countries that have an extreme and fun treks, Machu Picchu comes always as the first place to go. As the saying goes, life is short. Then why not give yourself a chance to have fun and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. 
Second, I love photography. In addition, Machu Picchu basing on the pictures that I saw in the internet is like haven for photographers. Yes, the trek could be hard but when I have my camera with me, I do not mind it all. Inca Trail Tours have 4 days program and 2 days program offered to trekkers. For me I would choose the 4 days program because I want to savor all the beauty around me while I am walking and if I can’t take all the photos in my camera at least I have it in my mind and it would remain in my mind forever.  
Therefore, before I will reach the age of 50 I would have done the Machu Picchu trek. It is one of my dreams and I would fulfill it. Just by looking at the photos posted at their website; give me goose bumps how much more if I am already in the place I might faint in excitement. Therefore, friends who want to come with me check the website and let us plan our trip to Machu Picchu!

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