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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Food Network Next Iron Chef

The Next Iron Chef is coming and I am so excited about it. I have been following this show for several seasons now and to tell you frankly there are some episodes that I skip because I do not want anybody to leave. I like them all to stay but in any kind of competition there is always one winner, right? 

Ten renowned chefs battled for ultimate culinary title in All Star Season of Food Network series The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs! It will be hosted by Alton Brown, season premieres of this eight episode will be on Sunday, October 30th at 9pm ET/PT.

Of course, everybody are excited who are the chefs who is going to compete this time. Well I have the names and they are Elite Chefs Anne Burrell, Michael Chiarello, Elizabeth Falkner, Alex Guarnaschelli, Chuck  Huges, Robert Irvine, Beau MacMillan, Spike Mendelsohn, Marcus Samuelsson and Geoffrey Zakarian would compete for Kitchen Stadium Supremacy

We all have favorite chefs and I find them all deserving to compete because they are number one in their own right. I find the men very good looking and hot!!  The women can't be outdone too they are very competitive as I watched their shows in Food Network they can't be shaken with just one good looking Chef, they could possibly be the Super Chef. For now I am very excited of this news. So guys and gals mark your calendar for this coming event it would be fun and for me there is so much thrill and suspense with matching drama, heated with tension and suspense. Remember this is an all star competition so do not miss this date!!

Food Network - Next Iron Chef

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