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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fish soup

I've been in cloud nine for days now because I am eating fish all the time lol!! I didn't fry the fish but I cooked it to a soup. And since we have cooler days now soup is so good. But hubby can't live with fish soup for straight three days lol!! So I cooked for him nido soup or other American dish. For me, I will stick to my fish soup and rice, that is already heaven to me ^_^

                                                              YUMMY SUNDAY


Perfectly Blended said...

the fish looks so fresh!

Umma said...

I missed the fish soup too... tamad lang ko magluto hahaha.. pag weekend, eat out marathon man jud kami sa gawas... wala luto2x hahaha

Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer said...

wow, looks so festive .... fish is always 'panalo' dropping by Manang Kim :) for YM.

Nita said...

It looks delicious! I had seafood soup the other day. So yummy!

My Yummy Sunday is up as well. I hope to see you there!


kim said...

sarap nito manang! waahh! di ako marunong magluto :(

kim said...

left you a KI$$, by the way, hope i get one back, thanks!

teJan said...

miss fish soup too..huhu!

mine is up..sis..see yah!

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