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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Houses for sale in Hawaii

Do you know how many houses for sale in Hawaii? I was having fun checking Hawaii as our next vacation stop next month and I couldn't believe what I saw. As we all know that the properties all over the country is going down and those houses that are more than half a million or more than millions you can buy it below a million and those half a million properties you can buy it less than that? Who could expect that no body I guess. When the economy goes down and jobs are hard to find people who owned these house opted to just leave the house or give it back to the bank which for me is the greatest idea because if you can't cope up with the payment why stress yourself out. It's just hard to see that some people invested a lot of money for the house but turn out it will end up for sale and open to the market. 
But though all the prices goes down but still the price is up though not the usual way but for a middle working people it's hard to buy. What makes it nice is that because there  are many houses to choose from it's easy to compromise where you like to live. In the real estate world they say location, location is the best way to find good houses. And I think in Hawaii every location is worth your hard earned money. ^_^

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imriz1 said...

i guess with the industry values getting down, people are expecting foreclosures in most american homes.

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