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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not fun

I have so much fun today and yesterday blessing left and right is pouring like no stopping lol! Yesterday, I was at my friends house and we did had a sumptuous lunch like dried fish, lechon, talong salad, and of course rice after we ate we had a good chit-chat. Ain't that what life is, just to take it easy and let yourself enjoy, just like what we put inside our body we don't have to abuse it rather take good care of it. I've heard a lot of people having a liver failure and it's not fun watching this people suffering from too much pain more so if the illness is diagnose as no healing at all. The other day I asked hubby what make it a liver fail to function properly and he said that when we don't think that over taking any kind of medicine, food, drinking liquor and such are not goo to our organs more so the liver since it's the organ who would separate the toxic and nutrients in our body and if we have plenty of toxic in our body it will definitely stay in the liver or other area of our stomach. Scary isn't it but many people just shrug their shoulder if we talk about this because they think they have the best of health. Well whatever you are thinking of still health is wealth and nobody is untouchable if sickness struck you ^_^

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