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Sunday, July 17, 2011

VBS and Trade shows

It's been like two weeks after we had our VBS (Vacation Bible School) at church and I missed the kids. The youth were the one who handled and assessed the kids and we the adults are the one who assessed them in doing the crafting. The first thing that we do is to dye their t-shirts and they had a ball with that activity. It was the beginning of Summer and we do it outside the function hall. I was thankful at that time that somebody brought a tents or the other called it logo canopy because it has a name of person who owned it which is cool, right? It was a big help from the first day that we started the VBS to the last day because the kids love to play or listen the stories outside and without it, it would be too hot for them and for us adults.
The last week hubby and I went to a trade shows. I love to be in a trade shows because in this event I could find or see new materials for crafting, new gadgets etc. The women trade show that I went to I am very impressed because they show case beautiful and colorful logo mats and actually I was thinking of putting it in my car floor which has my name on it. As hubby and I roamed around I noticed that the trade show flooring and the trade show carpet are also colorful, very handy you can detached it after the show, and you can personally designed it for your own liking. I've been to many trade shows but last week was the most beautiful one and it's very organized which for me I could tell that who ever are preparing this event knew what they are doing and they are good at it. The next time there will be a trade show I would go definitely go there again.

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