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Thursday, July 14, 2011

To be prepared

Yes we are at the peak of Summer people and many of my friends and relatives are gone already to places that they thought they like to spend their Summer. As for me and my hubby we talked about visiting the local places since he himself haven't visited a lot of the places that I like to see. It's not only the place that I like to see but also explore the food. It's kind of fun to know that each town has different ways and taste and preparation in certain food. That makes it intriguing because  I love to cook and I love food too.  But we also had to consider that when we go for vacation our house is vulnerable to people who wants to rob. And I heard these often in our local newspaper. It get me scared actually because sometimes these unlawful people even rob in broad daylight as long as they knew that their are no people inside and they had the opportunity to enter the house they would enter without any doubt.
That's why when hubby read the news that their are many houses in our area that are being rob he didn't hesitate to checked  home security rainsville . Sometimes, we learned news like house are being rob but we just shrug our shoulder and we don't do nothing. Because we thought it wouldn't happened to us, right? But for me and hubby to be prepared is the best thing to do. As the saying goes "regret is always at the end" we don't want that to happen to us most specially that we already acquired things that are not worthless. Also we had a new huge flat screen tv ^_^ that hubby just had installed Direct TV for a good viewing. So for us to be prepared is just right. 

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