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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Online gallery for arts and gifts

I am a lover or nature much so I also love to cook and eat. When I travel even to the nearest town where I live I always like to go to the center of the town and look what's there to see. I do believe that each town has their own identity just like any other person. Hubby and I were talking about road trip and we were thinking of what to bring and where to stop over and look around. I told him that my cousins who lives in UK for years now wanted me to visit them. I love to go another country but hubby is not comfortable with that idea. I told him that I don't go to any places with out them of course. 
New WebsiteIn this time and age internet is the most easy access to get information. I have found out that UK has an online gallery for arts and gifts. My other cousin told me that she loves to browse websites and stumble this site  Airmail Republic come and visit us and she email this website to me. And immediately I looked at it and I am impressed of the arts and the gifts that I saw. I love the arts where I am familiar of the words and the gifts are awesome!! I told my cousin the Christmas is fast coming and I am still waiting for her gifts to come hehe. And she told me that she got the idea what I mean ^_^ 

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