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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cool gadgets and coupons in one

Hello people!! Does everybody had fun last Independence day? Well I had a lot of fun me and my friends went to Pontiac Lake for a pontoon boat ride. We brought lots of food and my friends husband cooked turkey and another friend of mind grilled pork barbeque. They all cooked the food at the edge of the pontoon food since the boat is pretty huge. 
We were at an island and my friends and the kids were setting at the edge of the boat landing area while watching the people cooking the food hehe. While they are cooking we were also talking about how easy it is to travel and have fun if we have Cool Gadgets in tow for us. And what is more advantage is that we can buy it online and in our favorite store. My friend told me that her and her husband bought it with a Office Depot coupon code and Musicians Friend coupon on hand. After they bought the pontoon boat last Winter they see to it that when Summer came they all have the necessary gadgets that is needed for the them to used specially when friends is with them. Which is for me is the coolest thing to do because as I see it, it's very useful to everyone. Now I am thinking of getting some  Cool Gadgets for our mobile home too ^_^.

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